Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Market out look 20th Sept. 2017

Market out look  20th Sept. 2017

  Trend is Bullish
Support 10100  - Above 10200  very hot

Market out Look   :       Market are continue up side but higher level some profit booking seen but trend is bullish. However, market closed yesterday level which indicate indecisiveness.    Over all trend is bullish and any sharp decline to buy side.
Nifty  :   Consider support  10135-10100  and crossover 10190-10200   major up side and short covering on the card.    
Nifty future  :        Any decline to buy side with consider support  10100-10110  and resistance 10190, crossover heavy short covering towards 10250 10300.
Bank Nifty Future :           Overall trend is continue bullish with consider major support range 24800-24900  and resistance 25100-205200  crossover more up side.
Metal Index    :          Holding above 3600  overall looks good and resistance 3700-3710.
 Pharam Index     :         Lower level decent support 9000-9100  as long as hold this level, buy on decline strategy continue.  
PSU Bank Index     :     Decent support around 3200 watch out, resistance 3300-3310  crossover more up side.
Long side  :        MGL,  IGL, Gail, Petronet,  HPCL, Equitus and Tata Motors
Short Side  :        Indigo, HDFC, SBI, PNB and OBC.
 OI  SPURT         BEML   long side 1867,  GAIL long side 683,  HPCL short covering 1990 contract, ITC   short side 45 lacs, SBI short side 25.53 lacs, HDFC short side 3.21 lacs, Lupin Long side 6 lacs, Reliance long exit 1153, Axis Bank short covering 14 lacs, ICICI Bank, short covering 4.86 lacs, Tata Motor 75 lacs short covering and many more

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Market out look 19th Sept. 2017

Market out look  19th Sept. 2017

  Nifty Above 10140
Bullish break out – upper side
Target 10200 10250-10450

Market out Look   :       Market are finally break out and over all buying were saw in market.  Trend is strong bullish and hold long position .  Intra day any decline to buy side and up move continue.
Nifty  :   Consider support  10135-10100  and crossover 10171, upper side target 10200-10240-10250   
Nifty future  :        Any decline to buy side with consider support 10140-10100, above 10200  up side target 10250 10300. Major weekly support 9700.
Bank Nifty Future :           Overall trend is continue up side and   holding above 25000  major break through in banking stocks and buy side.  Concentrate mainly   Axis Bank,  Yes Bank and HDFC Bank.  Major weekly support 9700.
Metal Index    :           Holding above 3600   overall looks good and buy side, upper side above 3710   more up side.
 Pharam Index     :         After sharp up move 600 points some profit were saw in the market   now consider resistance 9500-9550
PSU Bank Index     :     Decent support around 3200 watch out, resistance 3300-3310 watch out.

Long side  :        Just Dial,  Jubilant Food, Bajaj Auto,  
Short Side  :       ITC, SBI,  Repco Home .
 OI  SPURT         Just Dial  long side 1149,  Bajaj Auto long side 1543,  ITC short side 3378,  Axis Bank  long side 2416, SBI  short side 3166, Tata Steel short side 1030, ICICI Bank short side 1179, Yes Bank long side, BPCL short covering and many more.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Best Delivery stocks

Best Delivery stocks
for Long Term Portfolio and Wealth Creator......
If you have a patience.......

Example   :
Titan   :  one of our client   bought Titan Rs. 25  qty. 3 lacs  year of 2005   now today value around 200 croroes.................just imagine and the same  story likely repeat in AB Capital.

Buy Aditya Capital Ltd
at 202................................

Aditya Birla Capital is a conglomerate of financial services such as NBFC, Insurance, Mutual Funds etc.   Its foot print is bigger that that of its arch rivals Bajaj Finserve, Bajaj Finance put together .  In addition to other peers like Motilal Oswal, INFL,  Edelwise Financial Services, and others.

Financial services will cotinue high growth,  Out of all the business in which Aditya Birla Capital has a pie are expected witness high growth.   The insurance and mutual fund business are expected to grow at 20 to 25 percent while the banking/NBFC business may gow at 15 to 20 percent.   Insurance is at the tip of the iceberg will be  bigger thank banking..As the insruance business is a vast scope and that we have not even scratched the surface yet.

We are not even at the starting point  of this game called insurance and I think this is going to be something which is beyond and these companies will become bigger than banks.
This sector is highly under penetrated with only a few million people having insurance cover.  About 300-400 million more customers are expected to come on board in the ext 5 years also the fact that mortality situation of indian population is improving a lot over the years augers well becuase the number of claims will reduce.

There is long way to grow in the life insurances business. We have seen strong flows in the asset management business. There is huge opportunity in the NBFC space given the credit og GDP is low.    From a maco prospective or industry perspective there is headroom to grow. We will look to grow each  vertical.

It is a Welath Creator investment without any hesitation owing to its blue chip credentials.  At the current level is good buy for only long term investors who want to really wealth create of their family, childrens and etc.    At current level trading around 205 and our short term target around 400 to 500   and long term target say 5 years and above  1500 to 2000.

What  will be happend and   what we are expecting in future in this company.

1. This company will become a number one company of   NBFC sector against all pears..
such as Bajaj Finserve, Bajaj Finance, Motilala Oswal, Geogjit, ILFL, Edelwise finance and etc.  Because these are companies having a excellent premium   and almost face of   Rs. 1 or 2   whereas against the Aditya Birla Capital available of face value of 10.  So if you are comparison of these companies Aditya Birla Capital is available almost   negligible price looking to fundamentals............

2.  We are expecting in only long term...  say 5-10-15-20 years......... (as wealth create in Titan)
it will move up side 1000-2000-3000-4000-5000  in coming years, thereafter it will split into 1 to 2 face value.

Following companies under in Aditya Birla Capital.

1.Birla Sunlife Insurance Company,
2. Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company,
3. Aditya Birla Finance,
4. Aditya Birla Housing Finance,
5. Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers
6. Aditya Birla ARC
7. Aditya Birla Wellness,
8. Aditya Biral Capital Advisors,
9. Aditya Birla Finance shares services,
10. Aditya Birla Customer services,
11. Adityal Biral Health Insurance
12.Aditya Birla Money

3.  This is most important, sooner or later   it will be demerger in coming years ... value of this company is  beyond imaginalbe in coming years..... so we advise to all our readers/visitors just buy this stock with a good lots / good quantity looking to long term wealth creation .

BUY and forgot for  childrens and fmily.......

3MTEAM Research.
any querry/question call

Market out look 18th Sept. 2017

Market out look  18th Sept. 2017

  Short Covering + Fresh Long
If Nifty sustained Above 10140

Market out Look   :       Market are continue in bull trend and  almost last three sessions continue facing resistance at all time high and intra day reversal seen.   As long as nifty trading below volatility continue in  market, on the other hand if trade above 10140 on sustainable basis, over all buying opportunity and short covering can not be ruled out.  Stock specify movement in the market is a best strategy.
Nifty  :   Consider support  10043 – 10000 mark   holding above chances of again test new all time higher, thereafter fresh wave of up side.   Above 10140  non stop target 10200 and above.  
Nifty future  :    Overall trading range continue which is moving around 10000 to 10150  and break down this level we move one side.  Major weekly support 9700.
Bank Nifty Future :           Trend is positive bias continue as long as hold 24700-24750 mark….  Crossover and sustained above 25000 more buying and short covering likely in all banking stocks.  Small PSU bank looking  good.  Major weekly support 23800 .
Metal Index    :          Short term and long term trend is positive with consider support 3600 mark.
 Pharam Index     :        After sharp rise of more than 600 points some pause seen, however remain above 8000 mark decent opportunity to long side in front line pharma stocks.
PSU Bank Index     :     Decent support around 3200  till not break decisively do  not think any major weakness in PSU banks stocks.

Long side  :        Andhra Bank, All Bank, Bajaj Auto, Tech Mahindra, HCL Tech and many more.
Short Side  :      Nalco, LIC Housing, Berger paints,   
 OI  SPURT         Grasim  long side 13.60 lacs,. Divis Lab long side 7.40 lacs, Bajaj Auto long side 9 lacs, Tata Motor 11 lacs long side, SBI short side 27 lacs, Reliance long side 2034 Yes bank short covering 255, HDFC 447 short covering, Sun Pharma, short covering 1981, DHFL long side 731, Axis Bank short covering 1330, ONGC short covering 53 lacs,.

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